Almost ten months have passed since I first met the girls that I would consider my best friends. They aren’t fooling around when saying that you gain the best of friends from an institution! 🙂

Hopefully I will always keep in touch with them, it is going to be so hard leaving them in two weeks and not not knowing for sure or if I’ll ever see them again…

It is a moment I look forward to because it is summer vacation and we’ll get to see all our friends and family, but still I know that things will ever be the same again… ! But I guess that’s life so I have to deal with it 😉

Everything will change, first thing I see in the morning is this huge oil rig, moving in to the city I don’t get to see that every day…..

But I’ll be okay, it is just so crazy thinking about how fast this last year went by……craziness…!!



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