Is this what summer looks like over here??

It took a bit more time than I wanted but here you go guys! Here is my update on Edinburgh!! And what a city it is!!! 😀 I hadn’t been there for long before the famous sentence escaped from me…. “Damn…I’m definitely  coming back here ❤ I love that city and already psyched to go visit it again, maybe stay for a bit longer the next time! 😀 One of our many activities were visiting the university and I think the lot of us were mighty impressed… Not to brag about the summer we have here, because that is not always something to brag about either, but some were rather surprised of all the rain we had in JUNE, its summer!!! But the few couple of days that the sun was out, Edinburgh really transformed into a beautiful flower oozing with life! 😛

Just a heads up! things are really hectic right now so I roeally do not know when I will post again, but hopefully I will find a way to update more frequently than the past…. but for now!
Enjoy! 🙂











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