If anyone is following my Instagram you’ve might have seen that the flower mania has already started there…

If not, here are some more to kick you off before you head to my Instagram, to check them out! 😛



This and that!

Well, this post has definitely been a long time coming. I had huge plans on how to do it and how to divide it up and what to write and so on….. finally I guess I made the decision to just post it no matter how untidy it ends up looking.

So far 2016 has been a crazy one, (like every other year) in so many different ways both awesome and not… Anyways I have snapped some pictures and here are some highlights from 2016 so far, hopefully there is more to come! 🙂





Squirrels too….



It would be very lovely to be like this bird… scroll further to see the magic trick he has in store for ya’ll in the next photo.


so skinny….

As an early bird I usually catch a lot of stunning sunrises to be grateful for 😀

Throwback to when spring was in the air! 😛

Got a little artsy fartsy over easter!

Still as facinated by them coluds.

Summer finally arrived, and some quality time with the family was greatly needed.

And new projects were dived into!

home redecorating! the finished result actually turned out pretty good, maybe i’ll make a post on that later (no promises tho’) 😛

and with a little spare time in between hits, being a huge bookie I absolutely devoured these little babies one by one!!! (not done with the series so no spoilers please 😛 ! ) and I need one sentence to tell you how amazingly brilliant Diana Gabaldon writes!!!!!! after one book you have felt absolutely every feeling in the spectre!!! And I love it!!!!! but feeling a little exhausted too! 😛


Good thing, the very best season of the year is coming up very soon!!

Autumn is heeeeere!!!!


obviously means lots of hiking and family excursion to an old gold mine site.

Who cares about barbecues in the summer ? I’d pick bonfires in the autumn any time! 😛

Marshmallows ❤




Procastination with excuse

No I have not forgotten the weekly update. I have just been very busy and sick, however that is no excuse ….




wpid-wp-1446190750905.jpgI started early with the christmas presents this year! Basically i found and old bookshelf and painted it for my grandmother for christmas, she has just moved in to a new apartment so I hope the furniture will be welcomed! 😀







Weekly roundup

Despite the most beautiful autumn weather we have had the last week it has been quite hectic but I snapped a few shots!  But only on my phone, which I am guessing is probably going to be the case most weeks… 
Anyway….  Enjoy! 😄







Despite the usual thoughts revolving around Mondays this one has been impeccable!! In spite of unexpected turns and minor failures I have gotten a lot of things done!!! (WEEEY :D)

Inspired by this beautiful Monday, I decided right now that (hopefully) once a week I am going to have one of those weekly round up sort of things, where I post some pictures from whatever I have been up to…. excited to see how this one is gonna go… so I will begin today with some photos from last week from bot my camera and my phone.



Autumn is upon us and the nights are getting darker and darker so what is more cozy than lighting a bunch of candles!!

Also went out to a different part of the construction site I featured earlier on the blog… just a little taste here! and I will make a proper post on that later.


It is lobster season so many of the past few days have been spent at see, here is a collage and I will draw up another post on that within the next week.


A little too late?? :P

WOW…. things are hectic BUT I finally grabbed a hold of my camera again and found those photos of the lunar eclipse…. it is way too late for that now though is it not??? I know but I have never taken pictures of the moon and I am so psyched because for a first I thought it was decent enough..??

But i’ll let you be the judge of that…. enjoy!

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